Mechanical Pressure Switch 604
0.2 ... 3 - 50 mbar

The ideal pressure switch to control air flows in air conditioning and ventilation systems, but equally effective in industrial air monitoring applications. This product range, which is classified in 5 pressure ranges, makes installation easy with features such as combibracket, screw terminals and snap-on cover. Of unique benefit is the high adjustment accuracy resulting from individual scale engraving.

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Air and neutral gases

Pressure range

0.2 ... 3 - 50 mbar

Electrical connection

Screw terminals

flat connector 6.3 or 4.8 mm

Pressure connection

Hose connector Ø 6.2 mm or inside thread

Mounting bracket or fastening clip
Easy to install
User friendly snap cover
Case geometry allows easy cable lead-in
Cable strain relief integrated in PG11
Combi-bracket for vertical or horizontal installation
High adjustment accuracy through individual laser etched scale
Long-term stability of switching points through trapezoidal bead diaphragm
Multi-layer gold plated contact