Force cell 410
40 to 265 Centi-Newton

The type 410 measures force with the cantilever beam by an integrated piezo-resistive wheatstone bridge with front-end amplification circuit. It uses hybrid thick film technology which guarantees an excellent stability and a long operating life. The special design of the force cell ensure batch production and with fully automated assembly an ideal performance to cost ratio for high quantities. Fixed order quantities on request

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Measuring range

0 ... 53 – 265 Centi-Newton


0.3 ... 2.8 V

Electrical connection

PIN connection

RAST 2.5


With temperature compensated

Compact construction for a wide range of industrial applications
Ideal for OEM batches in high quantities
High resistance to extreme temperatures
No mechanical aging
No mechanical creepage

Article number generator

Product Measuring range Output / power supply Electrical connection
410 92 1 1
410 94 1 1
410 95 1 1