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Digital Indicating Device 800
mbar / bar with 2 limit values

Type 800 digital indicators are equipped with a 4 digit display, as well as optional switch and analogue outputs. The sensor signal is evaluated and indicated as pressure by the digital display. The programming of the limit value output can be executed with the buttons on the front or via a data cable from a computer.

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Input signals

0 ... 5 V, 0 ... 10 V,

0 ... 20 mA, 4 ... 20 mA

Output signals

0 ... 10 V,

0 ... 20 mA, 4 ... 20 mA

Potential-free limit value switch

Sensitive operation keys
All adjustments are possible from the front of unit
Transmitter power supply from indicating device saves cabling
Electrically isolated signal transmission direct to measurement value acquisition system or to PLC controllers
Limit value switching points pre adjustable without application of pressure


Protection cover
Data cable