Differential pressure transmitter 698
-5 ... 5 mbar / 0 ... 10000 mbar

The pressure modules type 698 are suitable for monitoring pressure and flow in air conditioning systems and in the laboratory sector. 

The module is optionally available with a 3 digit LED display, two limit value switches (potential-free) as well as a square root extraction.

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Air and neutral gases

Pressure range

-5 ... 5 mbar / 0 ... 10000 mbar


0 ... 10 V

0 ... 20 mA

4 ... 20 mA


< 1.0% fs

Electrical connection

Screw terminals

Pressure connection

Hose connector conical 4 ... 7 mm or quick fitting

Screw mounting
Robust construction, sensor element has no contact with media
High overpressure safety margin, even in the lowest pressure range
Rugged measured value detector, owing to outstanding synergy obtained by combining diaphragm technology with a ceramic element
Easy to install and commission
No maintenance required
High Protection standard