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OEM Differential pressure transmitter 401
0 ... 3 - 8 mbar

The type 401 pressure transmitter, with its unique proven ceramic lever technology, has adjusted, temperature-compensated sensor signals, available as a voltage output. The (VDC) voltage output is an amplified, linear signal suitable for direct processing in electronic control systems.

Fixed order quantities on request

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Air and neutral gases

Pressure range

0 ... 3 – 8 mbar


0.5 ... 4.5 V


< 0.3% fs

Electrical connection

Connector RAST 2.5

Pressure connection

Hose connector Ø 6.2 mm

Snap-mounting or mounting bracket
Special development for optimize of combustion mixture in gas boilers
With the special diaphragm geometry inherently stable due to homogeneous manufacture with the 2 component injection moulding process (plastic silicone)
Ideal dimensioning for high sensitivity and with long term stability
Excellent repeatability even in the lower pressure range (< 20 Pascal)

Article number generator

Product Pressure mode Measuring range
401 9 50
401 9 80
401 9 30


Calibration certificate
Bracket type A
Bracket type B
Fixing screw for wall thickness 1-2 mm
Connector RAST 2.5 with cable 30 cm
Connector RAST 2.5 with cable 110 cm
Connector with cable Rast 2.5 150 cm