Flow sensor 230
1.8 ... 150 l/min

The flow sensor type 230 is based on the Kármán vortex street. You can choose between various versions as integrated temperature measurement.  The type 230 has a rugged construction of red brass. With no moving parts the flow sensor is not sensitive to debris, has marginal pressure loss and high accuracy.

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Flow range

1.8 ... 150 l/min.

Nominal diameters

DN 10 / 15 / 20 / 25


Frequency output 13 ... 480 Hz

Analogue signal 0 ... 10 V

4 ... 20 mAA

Temp. measurment


Electrical connection


Tube connection

Red brass - outside thread

Flow measuring with voltage, current, pulse or frequency output
Excellent media resistance (measuring element not in contact with the media)
Available with integrated temperature measurement
Temperature non-sensitive measuring principle
Wide application temperature range
Marginal loss of pressure
Measuring element not sensitive to debris
Drinking water approval