The indoor conditions in a restaurant are extremely variable from area to area. In the kitchen high temperatures are possible and smoke mixed with grease can be easily found on the air, this represents a challenge for the components integrated in a HVAC system. The type 450 guarantees reliable filter monitoring by pressure measurements under these demanding conditions even in environments containing small dust particles.


Risks caused by a wrong-pressure transmitter selection:


  • Pressure sensor blocked cause of grease and fumes
  • Unbalanced areas result in customers dissatisfaction
  • Non-working pressure transmitter cause of high-humidity levels
  • Low accuracy on high / low temperatures


Benefits of the type 450, based on the cantilevered beam technology:


  • High quality pressure performance independently on the environment conditions (grease, smoke)
  • Reliable pressure measurements, even in high humidity levels
  • Good behaviour on also non-neutral gases environments
  • Adaptable to fast temperature changes


Suitable for the following demanding environments: