Company policy

Company policy for quality, environment and security



The main objectives of our activities are the requirements and satisfaction of our customers. They are the benchmark for the quality statements of our products and services.




Quality for us means the conformance to requirements on our products and services as well as deliveries within the agreed time with a competitive price / performance ratio.




With ecological products, processes and behaviour we are contributing to environmentally friendly business activities and to the reduction of ecological damage. By using our products resources are treated with care.




We only introduce products that comply with strict security rules. We are protecting building, plant and production equipment as well as data and know-how from loss and illegal access. Secure and healthy working environments allow us to reduce and prevent accidents and illnesses.


Management system


Our integrated and process aligned management system is the basis for performing our strategy, company policy and targets complying with the legal obligations in force as well as other requirements. We fulfil the quality, environment and security requirements with proficient processes and employees.




The employees are the key factor for continuous success. Each member of the staff has the duty within the scope of the tasks und responsibility to act in accordance with the quality- environment and security requirements. The employees treat each other with respect, fair-minded and with integrity. The executives are engaged to execute the company policy and behave respectably towards their employees. With our open information policy, systematic training and leadership with mutually agreed objectives every one is able to act autonomously and responsibly.




We demand the fulfilment of our quality, environment and security requirements from our suppliers. We provide active support to enable them to reach this target and to improve their management system.


Steady improvement


Based on systematic evaluations of risks, chances and achievements we are reaching reactive and preventive measures to improve the management system, the quality of our products and services as well as the environment- and security performance.



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