In laboratories and clean rooms a proper ventilation and management of fume hood exhausts is a fundamental task for the safety of the employees and for the quality of the research results. The ambient and measurement conditions can vary from room to room and also from lab to lab.


Risks caused by a wrong-pressure transmitter selection:


  • Pressure sensor blocked cause of pollution and fumes
  • Bad quality of laboratory results
  • Unbalanced laboratory areas result in healthy and safety problems
  • Not able to operate in dusty environments


Benefits of the type 450, based on the cantilevered beam technology:


  • Suitable for contaminated environments containing dust particles in suspension
  • Good behaviour on also non-neutral gases environments
  • Reliable pressure measurements, even in high humidity levels
  • No need of filters


The type 450 guarantees reliable filter monitoring by pressure measurements under these demanding conditions even in environments containing small dust particles.


Suitable for the following demanding environments: