Huba Control AG fights Covid-19

Extraordinary situations require exceptional measures.

Products of Huba Control AG are essentially important for fighting the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and its expansion as well as thus provoked lung disease COVID-19. The protection of our employees, maintaining the production capacity as well as securing deliveries on time are the focus of all efforts of Huba Control to support the functionality of all equipment worldwide highly needed for medical and hygienic infrastructure with reliable pressure measuring technique.


Differential pressure transmitter 699

Differential pressure transmitter type 699 is used for the monitoring and control of over-pressure and vacuum in clean-rooms, quarantine offices or laboratories and hence prevents further expansion of the virus.


Pressure switch 604

The mechanical pressure switch type 604 is assigned for the filter monitoring in air ventilations. These filters impede the expansion of the virus in air ventilations. They are used in hospitals, shopping malls or office buildings.


Pressure transmitter 528

Pressure transmitter series 528 is assigned to control the oxygenation. People with chronic lung- or respiratory disease often suffer from an oxygen undersupply. The lack of oxygen is medicated by the enrichment of breathing air with oxygen. Without reliable pressure transmitters the worldwide highly needed lung ventilators cannot work.


Differential pressure transmitter 664

The differential pressure transmitter type 664 is used in mobile equipment for emergency ventilation which relieves the breathing of patients.


Huba Control AG wishes everyone good health and all patients suffering from this Pandemia – GET WELL SOON! It is our aim to participate in mastering this exceptional challenge.