DIN 3852-E becomes DIN EN ISO 1179-2


The DIN 3852-E standard for pipe threads has been invalid for some time.
The new standard is DIN EN ISO 1179-2, but why is the old standard still in the data sheets? Firstly, the DIN 3852-E standard has become established and DIN EN ISO 1179 is less well known. Also the mass of the pipe thread has not changed. However, the conversion of a standard is a comprehensive matter and so many files - both digital and printed - have to be adapted. In addition, this changeover requires a lot of coordination with various specialist departments, e.g. design and work preparation, in advance.
Huba Control AG will start using the new standard in mid 2020. All data sheets will be cleaned up to adapt them to the new and current and valid standard.
If you have any questions regarding the new standard DIN EN ISO 1179-2, please contact us.