Ceramic Cantilevered beam technology


The Cantilevered beam technology.

Huba Control differential pressure transmitters use ceramic cantilevered beam technology with a two-component diaphragm. The pressure P1 is applied in the first sensor chamber and P2 in the second. The on-board electronics measure the deformation of the bending bar and return an analog signal proportional to the difference P1-P2. If P2 is not connected (left in the atmosphere), the relative pressure measurement is used. Ceramics, on the other hand, offer excellent resistance to dust, pollen and moisture.This ceramic technology has been successfully used in our sensors for many years. It has proven itself in many ventilation applications: Flow control and regulation, air pressure control and control of the clogging rate of filters.
They can be found in HVAC areas such as air conditioning, air treatment, medicine, tractor cabins, etc.