Residential Buildings

A correct comfort balancing is a must in a house. The differential pressure transmitter type 450 is the suitable pressure transmitter for the use in all demanding areas of a house, e.g. the kitchen containing high levels of grease and smoke and on the other hand, high humidity levels contained in bathrooms.


Risks caused by a wrong-pressure transmitter selection:


  • Wrong pressure measurements in high-humidity zones
  • Low performance on pressure measurements cause of pollen and dust particles
  • Low accuracy on high / low temperatures
  • Pressure sensor blocked cause of pollution and fumes 


Benefits of the Type 450, based on the cantilevered beam technology:


  • Suitable for environments also containing pollen or dust particles
  • Excellent accuracy independently on the environmental conditions (grease, smoke)
  • Reliable pressure measurements, even in high humidity levels
  • Adaptable to fast temperature changes


The type 450 guarantees reliable filter monitoring, VAV damping measurements under these demanding conditions even in environments containing small dust particles.




Suitable for the following demanding environments: