HVAC and VAV systems play an important role specially in huge buildings like hospitals where air quality and comfort must be guaranteed in all areas. The type 450 is the suitable differential pressure transmitter for pressure measurements in “huge volume areas” in filter monitoring / VAV damping


Risks caused by a wrong-pressure transmitter selection:


  • Pressure sensor blocked cause of dust particles
  • Stress of the pressure sensor due to rapid temperature changes, operative life of the sensor is shortened
  • Wrong pressure measurements in high-humidity levels
  • Inaccurate pressure measurements produce unbalanced building areas


Benefits of the Type 450, based on the cantilevered-beam technology:


  • Suitable for environments also containing pollen or dust particles
  • Reliable pressure measurements, even in high humidity levels
  • Excellent accuracy independently on the environmental conditions
  • Robustness


It is possible that pressure sensors operate in dusty HVAC systems, in that applications the measurement performance must be guaranteed. The type 450 can operate in polluted environments containing small dust particles maintaining its excellent performance. 


Suitable for the following demanding environments: