Building automation

The type 450 is the suitable differential pressure transmitter for HVAC and VAV systems for building applications, it will be mainly used in decentralized systems HVAC by measuring the pressure difference for filter / flow monitoring all over the ducts in the system. A network of differential pressure sensors type 450 could be installed on the ducts to monitor how air flow is running over the system and to regulate the fan’s speed. The type 450 can be also used in VAV systems, where the damper controls the amount of air entering into a room.


Risks caused by a wrong-pressure transmitter selection:


  • Low performance on pressure measurements cause of pollen and dust particles
  • Unbalanced building areas cause of wrong pressure measurements increases the energy consumption
  • Not able to operate in dusty environments


Benefits of the type 450, based on the cantilevered beam technology:


  • Excellent accuracy independently on the environmental conditions
  • Suitable for environments also containing pollen or dust particles
  • Easy configurable, digital output (I2C) and analogue output


Suitable for the following demanding environments: